We Are Experts In Our Field


When Fran met Katie in Newport, RI in 1977, they definitely never dreamed that one day their daughters, Margaret and Liz, would be creating hemp-based wellness products with hemp grown on Fran’s Colorado ranch.

Sometimes the universe surprises us all, especially when you raise independent daughters.

Margaret MacKenzie

A former championship horse jumper, a helicopter pilot and a mother of two boys, Margaret is recognized and respected in the hemp industry as an advocate of the small, independent farmer.  She has made volunteerism and education an important part of her job, and feels a responsibility to steward the industry into an inclusive, innovative and sustainable future. In addition to co-founding Eleven Acres, Margaret is a co-founder of Salt Creek Hemp. She encouraged her mom, Fran, to plant hemp on her ranch in 2014 and hasn’t had a quiet day since.

Margaret is a board member of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association. She is a key lobbyist and fundraiser for its Hemp Feed Coalition where the goal is to include hemp grain products in the list of acceptable animal feeds. She is the top hemp adviser to the government of Antigua and Barbuda, and a member of Colorado's CHAMP initiative- working with the FDA on its new policies.

Fran MacKenzie

Fran’s life is a wonderful mix of hard work and serendipity. After living in San Francisco in the late 60s, she saw an ad to crew a sailing yacht to the Caribbean. She fearlessly hopped on board and began a huge adventure, eventually owning and chartering a well known 72-foot wooden boat built in 1936.

Fran and her sister fell in love with the Salt Creek Ranch in the mid-1990s and together they raised championship miniature Herefords. A believer in the importance of the journey, her most impactful journey has been into the complexity of plants. Her time at Salt Creek and interest in herbal medicine led to her certification in equine massage. As she began using Bach Flower remedies on the animals, she dug deeper into essential oils and plant-based remedies. Creating optimal growing environments and plant-based healing is a long-term passion, evident in the Eleven Acres products.

Liz McEvily

While Margaret and Fran took the road less traveled, Liz took a heavily traveled road- living in NYC and Los Angeles. She honed her Excel skills working in investment banking and equity research at top institutional banks. After tiring of finance, Liz turned to interior design, and ran sales and marketing for high-end international brands.

She was skeptical toward the benefits of hemp until visiting the Salt Creek Ranch in 2018, when she heard powerful stories of healing. Overwhelmed and excited by the possibility of disrupting big pharma and agriculture while helping people and the environment, there was no going back. It was impossible to do anything but start Eleven Acres.